Smart Carousel Responsive jQuery Plugin

Fully responsive jQuery touch carousel plugin with rich set of features.

Skins & Templates

Includes 4 built skins which easy to customize and use.

Transparent Carousel

Round Image Carousel

Square Image Carousel


Responsive Layout

The plugin will always fit the screen of the device being used, and thus unnecessary scrolling is avoided.

CSS3 Transitions

The plugin will use CSS3 transitions for effects like opacity change or scaling if available.

Multiple Skins

Smart Carousel offers multiple skins that you can choose from and many customization options.

Touch Enabled

Smart Carousel has the touch support for mobile devices and drag support for desktop.

Keyboard Support

Keyboard navigation support enables the user to navigate between the items by using the arrow keys.

Mouse Wheel Support

Mouse wheel support allows the user to scroll through the items by using the mouse wheel.

Reflection Effect

The plugin is enhanced with reflection effect. Items can have reflection without having to add it manually.

Gradient Mask Effect

Canvas based gradient masks can be placed on each side of the plugin to add interest and depth.

Public API

The public API offers useful methods and event types for developers to integrate the plugin into their own apps and sites.